Target Group: history hand-painted on ceramics

At Cersaie 2019, Target Group is presenting a coating that will not certainly go unnoticed. The new line Villa Pompei is in fact inspired by the famous Italian archaeological site: it is a true work of art, rigorously hand-painted by 2 artists of the company. Six porcelain stoneware panels make up the collection of ceramic surfaces for interior design, all 1x3 meters: 2 architectural panels, which show portions and details of monumental environments; 2 figurative panels, with female figures and geometries; 2 floral panels, with delicate natural details.

They are vertical and consist of two parts, an upper and a lower one, playing on the extraordinary contrasts of subject and color that, combined in several versions, create eclectic chromatic compositions. Each panel, even if the subject is the same, is different from the other as the manual technique lends an extreme personalization and a high artistic value.

The process to realize them is the result of skill and craft: there are many techniques used for decoration – painting, brushing and sponging – starting from a digital design that acts as an underlying sketch, on which the authors work freehand. A digital reproduction is added above, to reproduce the material effect of the rough and imperfect wall of ancient surfaces.

Villa Pompei is designed for modern, minimal and monochromatic environments that look at tradition and play on strong contrasts.