Three new surface effects for Isla

OXIDE, ESSENCE and TERRE ITALIANE are the new products exposed by ISLA at Cersaie 2018

Inspired by the combination of two natural elements (stone and metal), OXIDE is a ceramic collection with an elegant, minimalist and extremely refined style. It is declined in four colors that can meet any furnishing need.

TERRE ITALIANE has further inspirations. In this collection, the ceramic material embodies the intense harmonies of Italian landscapes, thus lending their seductive charm and innate elegance to modern and traditional furnishing projects. Terre Italiane is a story told through material of a journey from Gallura to the Karst Plateau, from Siena to the Maremma up to the Langhe.

Natural material par excellence, wood in architecture conveys warmth and a pleasant sensation of hospitality. ESSENCE, for floors and walls, thanks to the most advanced digital technology, recreates the irregularity of wood grains on ceramic staves, combining the captivating aesthetics of the material by which it is inspired with the porcelain stoneware qualities of resistance and ease of use.