Tileskin: here's the wallpaper Wall Tile

Tileskin® - brand born from the creativity of the entrepreneur Aldo Cami, active in the adhesive design technologies sector for over 30 years – makes possible to change tiles appearance by applying a strong adhesive lamination which reproduces stones, patterns, designs and colors.

The proposed claddings are various: all non-slip, resistant and easily removable, ideal for ceramic product customization according to contexts and temporary renewals. After the opaque and brilliant decorative laminates of OnlyDresse and OnlyDressBrigh versions, the SmellTrap, even more resistant and anti-slip, that adds the NoSlip and the odor absorbing functions – also the variant Heat Resistant has come in the range, heat resistant, specially conceived for the kitchen wall next to the cooking area.

Besides, the newcomer Wall Tile will make its first appearance at the Milan Furniture Fair 2016: the wallpaper in small easy-to-use sheets, applicable with a simple sponge soaked in water, will be presented within the hub of MaterialsVillage, MaterialConneXion at Superstudio Art Garden