Valpietra panels: 100% eco-sustainable and made from recycled waste

This innovative concept launched by Valpietra, a new Italian brand dedicated to interior coverings, fully embraces the principles of eco-sustainability and Italian quality.

The Pordenone-based company was formed in 2011, but its panels derive from research into eco-friendly manufacturing techniques that started in 2004 and involve the conversion of waste generated by the cutting of quarry marble from all over the Alps, into modular natural stone coverings, which make ideal interior design elements for public and residential environments alike.

The result is a modular, eco-sustainable panel that's 100% recyclable, anallergic and offers the natural properties of stone, combined with the speed of installation that derives from the in-depth study of form. The colours are natural too, because they derive directly from the agglomerated marble dust on which the product formula is based.

What's more, their thermal properties are such that the installed panels accumulate the heat generated by underlying heating systems and radiate it into the room gradually, even hours after the heating has been switched off, thus offering significant energy savings.

The technique used for producing the modules is as simple as it is ingenious: the mix of marble dust and water-soluble, non-toxic acrylic resin is cast in silicone moulds made in-house, and left to dry in the air. The entire production process takes place at room temperature, so requires no additional energy at any stage. 
And the product is equally sustainable at the end of its life-cycle because it is made of nothing other than natural stone agglomerated with water-based resin, so can be ground up and recycled.

Valpietra's technology has spawned a product range that's distributed by over 250 stores throughout Europe and is divided into eight collections: Ginevra, Sierra, Spalato Brick, Spalato Wall, Alessandria, Panama, Delfi and  Nizza. All the modules from these collections can be applied directly to the substrate using traditional adhesives, and without the need for any specific tile-setting skills.

The company also recently launched an experimental initiative with the students of NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan), aimed at researching and exploring new applications for reconstituted stone within the framework of design. Entitled "For The Future Designers", the three themes of the project are: "Multi-functional wall", dedicated to the development of modular systems for kitchens, "Same but different" aimed at finding ways of re-processing the waste generated by Valpietra's current production, and "Radiant Objects", aimed at extending the concept of the radiant wall to furnishing complements and other objects. 
This all-round project will come to a conclusion at the end of June 2015, when the three best submissions will be picked and put into industrial production. In a final tribute to the partnership, the best project will see the light of day in one of Valpietra's forthcoming catalogues.