Versace Ceramics, architectural luxury spanning the worlds of fashion and design

The exquisite inspirations of luxury fashion meet upscale interior design. At Coverings 2024, Versace Ceramics is exhibiting ceramic tile collections that reflect the unique style of the world-famous fashion house.

The exclusive elegance of Versace designer fabrics and the timeless appeal of inlaid wood floors are the inspirations for the collections chosen by Versace Ceramics for the 2024 edition of Coverings, North Americaʼs preeminent tile and stone exhibition to be held in Atlanta from 22 to 25 April.

One of the highlights of the Versace Ceramics booth is LA GRECA SIGNATURE, an iconic collection based on the famous monogram that transforms the solidity of plain-coloured porcelain stoneware into the tactile softness and three-dimensionality of fabric. The sophisticated surfaces break out of the traditional bathroom space and enter an exclusive world of minimal-chic luxury. With its wide range of sizes, decorative solutions and elegant colour combinations, the collection is ideal for use in upscale projects.

Versace Ceramics is also introducing TARSIA, an original ceramic tile collection that stands out for its luxury and opulence and draws inspiration from the inlaid wood floors present in the historic Versace headquarters in Via Gesù in Milan. The new collectionʼs sophisticated decoration originates from a modern reinterpretation of the exquisite inlays still found in the building, home of the Versace showroom and Atelier. The geometric patterns and plays of perspective are recreated in a contemporary style thanks to a tasteful selection of marbles, quartzites and crystals.