Vibration, the new ceramic coating of UNICA by Target Studio

Vibration is a contemporary ceramic product, close to the international design undergoing an innovative change in graphic design, focused on the search for high decorative surfaces.
Small motifs and shapes are combined to recreate the union between color and matter characterizing the collection.

The collection aims at entertaining and providing new ideas for the surface design, giving great freedom of composition thanks to the presence of 6 different micro-patterns and a great variety of colors.
The result is the most classic format with a perfect effect/contrast: the brick (in different sizes) and the mosaic.

Vibration has been designed by Target Studio to offer the market a very new product, the symbol of lively and creative elements, able to let imagination run wild and avoid the mere reproduction of natural elements.

  • Available in the colors: white, gray, red, blue, mint, beige, yellow, orange, sage, brown, purple, dark blue, black
  • Available in four modular and coordinated formats (for floors and walls): 10x30, 10x60, 20x120 cm and 30x30 mosaic.