Wall & Decò 2018: from "Punk Reloaded" to "Warm Winter"

The main inspiration of the new 2018 palette offered by the brand of wallpapers Wall&Decò lays in diversity. The new collection "Contemporary Wallpaper" is based on the combination of visions, trends and styles, getting solutions suitable for every kind of interior.

Away from the colors of the earth and nature, Punk Reloaded has an appearance close to the codes of electronics. The surrounding violet, from fuchsia to blue, emerges from the darkness like the neon signs of a dystopian metropolis.

Colore vs Colore is a journey into the perceptions raised by a color blocking inspired by fashion. Powerful chromatic contrasts, in which the warm tones light on and the cold ones have less saturation without losing strength. The colors, at first sight complementary, converge towards sandy shades that make them new. Shapes softens, enhancing the material texture of the surface.

Winter Elegance is based on cozy colors such as antique pink and beige, which mitigate their bon-ton aesthetics by combining with cool colors such as blue and green. The golden background is common to the different shades. Sharp outlines and right angle geometries predominate, in balance between eclecticism and accuracy.

All the new 2018 palettes can be combined to get singular mix&match.