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Pantone Color of The Year 2020 Classic Blue on design surfaces

The Pantone Color Institute selected a timeless and everlasting shade of blue as color of year 2020

The "Living Coral" on design surfaces

Everything touched by “Living Coral” (PANTONE 16-1546) is colored by optimism and vitality; besides, it maintains the intrinsic elegance of the element that inspires it, the coral.

Classic-modern style for a house in the Surrey countryside

The design is mainly based on classic-modern furniture that gives a warm and cozy atmosphere to every room of the house.

Wall & Decò 2018: from "Punk Reloaded" to "Warm Winter"

The main inspiration of the new 2018 palette offered by the brand of wallpapers Wall&Decò lays in diversity.

8 trending colour palettes: the 2018 Pantone forecast

The Pantone Color Institute’s 2018 colour forecast, published in its PANTONEVIEW Home + Interiors annual report, speaks volumes about the need for a new approach to the subject of colour, even within the four walls of our homes.

Design Trends: the playful living

The playful relationship with furniture, objects and spaces is not only an expressive trend but also a new way of living home.

The urban dimension of colour

We all know how redevelopment projects aim to make the suburbs more efficient, eco-sustainability and people-friendly, but it is perhaps not equally evident that they also need to be more visually attractive. 

What housing means in the “sharing economy” era: the answer of MADE Expo Outlook

The MADE Expo Outlook overviews new innovative issues, from social housing to the new housing sharing strategies.

Customized Home: furniture’s macro trends by Salone del Mobile.Milano Trend Lab

Bespoke living hits the top three among trends in modern design, the Livingscapes research says.

Scandinavia and Japan: combining simplicity and sustainability

From the light to the wood, comparing two different but similar architectonic cultures 

Design trends 2017: Greenery is the new Pantone color of the year

After the more relaxing Rose Quartz and Serenity, the new Pantone color will dress with an eco-chic mood all the lifestyle areas

The essence of decorativity

Thanks to colour and graphics, the surfaces of a huge variety of objects become a blank page for artistic expression; and a new love of creative decoration is flourishing in every sector.

The body of white

The use of the white color becomes a big trend into contemporary interior design diktats

From vintage to authentic living

The inspiration from retro atmosphere in the design world. The vintage matches with contemporary architecture and interior design.