The wallpaper covers showers and outdoors with Wall&Decò

WET SYSTEM ™ turns four, the waterproofing coating developed by Wall&decò for damps spaces such as the bathroom and the shower of private homes and hotels, as well as for the shower areas prone to a more frequent and longer exposure to water such as wellness centers and sports facilities.

WET SYSTEM™ is a real system consisting of various components (the primer, the specific glue, the printed technical fabric and the protective finishes) that combines the high decorative value of the wallpaper with technical properties of resistance and hardness to water, moisture, yellowing, abrasion and corrosive chemical products used for the domestic hygiene. 24 new highly ornamental graphic designs extend the range, characterized by romantic pastel colors like mauve, pink and light green, and dusty turquoise matched with gray and gold, with small 70’s marks.

OUT SYSTEM™ is the coating for exterior facades combining the decorative potentials with structural features consolidating the masonry substrate on which it is applied, resisting to impacts, tears or abrasions, rain and UV rays. Besides the soft graphic designs, the new proposal includes also flowers and jungle macro-patterns resulting in gentle optical effects.