WideStyle Mini: the new ceramic "wallpaper" by ABK

Creativity, colour and decoration. The new project recovers ABK experience gained in the creation and production of “wallpaper” effect large Slabs of Wide & Style collections, this time focusing on the 60x120 cm / 24” x 48” size, a format easy to be used  even in the smallest spaces. Wide & Style MINI offers a palette of 10 solid colours and 8 decorative graphics able to decorate the walls as fabrics or as wallpapers.

Colour is a key factor when designing and creating any type of environments; because of that ABK style office has identified the trendiest tones, classifying them into Warm, Cold and Neutral Colours, in order to integrate them perfectly with the main collections of the catalogue.

The world of fashion, furnishing fabrics and floral prints is at the origin of Wide & Style MINI'Decorative Mood, consisting of eight decorative patterns designed to bring the feeling of well-being of nature back into home spaces.

The design possibilities are endless. The solid colours reinvent the bathroom by mixing colours in a new way, with tones of different intensity belonging to the same colour palette, or by combining different pastel shades.

By covering a wall with decorative subjects it is possible to transform an interior space into a luxuriant garden with the advantage that being Wide & Style MINI collections produced in porcelain stoneware, the 60x120 cm / 24” x 48” offer can also be used to cover external walls or for  bathroom floor applications.

Wide & Style MINI integrates perfectly with the colours and materiality of the various ABK collections, with unique and expressive results each time, starting from the wood and stone effects, passing through the modern cement tiles up to the textures with a more industrial flavor.

*technical info:

  • Products classification: Porcelain Stoneware and White Clay Body Ceramic
  • Size: cm 60x120 rectified / 24” x 48” rectified
  • Thickness: 7 mm
  • White clay ceramics will tiles products and colors: Ginger, Powder, Phard, Paprika, Mint, Sky, Whale, Snow, Cloud, Alabaster
  • Porcelain Stoneware products and colors: Maui, Caribbean, Romantic, Palm, Foliage, Berries, Roses, Fern
  • Final use: Residential projects
  • Production: Made in Italy