Yinka Ilori design for Domus tile collection

Domus has teamed up with London-based multidisciplinary artist and designer Yinka Ilori to create his debut tile collection – Yinka Ilori x Domus.

Launching at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week in London 23 – 25 May 2023, Yinka Ilori x Domus introduces Ilori’s eclectic mood-boosting colour palette and patterns across two new ranges, aiming to encourage playfulness, joy and boundless possibility into surface design and interiors.

The Yinka Ilori x Domus tile collection presents a continuation of Ilori’s design work and homeware to date, presenting his vision to evoke optimism through vibrant use of colour in tandem with abstract forms and patterns. Drawing on inspiration from nature and sunlight alongside his British-Nigerian heritage, two ranges – Glaze and Screen – capture the dynamic, geometric lines and shapes used across traditional African patterns and architecture.

Glaze – Ceramic Design

A vibrant range of handmade glazed ceramic tiles available in 16 joyful colours and five modular shapes, which can be used individually or in a number of combinations. With a smooth gloss finish that reflects light vividly, Glaze adds depth and dimension to surface design, bringing life and freshness into interiors.

Screen – Porcelain design

A characterful range of porcelain tiles comprised of four pattern designs, each available in three colourways. Characterised by its vibrant array of abstract, technicolour patterns which are screen-printed by hand onto an industrial porcelain base, Screen injects vivid colour and dynamic geometries into interiors.

Artisanal & Industrial

Fusing artisanal craftsmanship with industrial technology, both Yinka Ilori x Domus ranges are made in Portugal, lending the tiles a distinctive aesthetic and bringing a beautifully rich character to Ilori’s work.

Designed to enable countless combinations, the versatile nature of the modular geometric shapes, range of colours and dynamic patterns allow endless possibilities for creating unique tile design schemes. Through mixing colours and shapes, Ilori’s tile collection encourages experimentation, play and discovery through surface design.

Design Installation at Clerkenwell Design Week (23–25 May)

To launch the collection, Yinka Ilori will present a window display installation in his characteristic style. It will open at Domus Clerkenwell, 23 – 25 Great Sutton Street, London EC1M 5PU during Clerkenwell Design Week on Tuesday 23 May.

“We were drawn to working with Yinka after seeing his wonderous style applied across numerous architectural and design projects in London and beyond over the last few years. His unique application of colour and pattern which aims to improve the everyday seemed a perfect fit with tile design, an enduring addition to any interior space. Developing Yinka’s characterful work into an extensive collection across both ceramic and porcelain has been an inspiring process. We are especially excited to unveil Yinka’s unique display installation within our new expanded showroom site at Domus Clerkenwell for this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week festival in May.” Jon Newey, Domus CEO