ABK opens the doors of its "virtual villa"

Let us imagine a recovery project of a prestigious farmhouse in Versilia, framed by the view of the Apuan Alps and enhanced with precious and unconventional materials, such as a series of marbles and its sophisticated shades of color.
Without trade fairs and events for companies, retailers and designers to get in direct contact, the ceramic brand ABK wanted to welcome users in a virtual location to share the emotion of an environment set up with its surfaces through an alternative and interactive way. In the virtual villa, you can indeed observe in detail and 360° the applications and features of the new materials, starting with SENSI SIGNORIA*, the line of marble effects based on color.      

This initiative confirms ABK among the most advanced companies not only in product research, but in digital communication too. Besides the high quality creation, the virtual project stands out for its animations and visual effects that make the experience even more realistic; a series of pop-up windows also allow the visitor to receive the required product information. This is a new opportunity for the company, also commercially: online meetings can be set with worldwide suppliers, who will have already received a first sample of the product to touch the products seen in the several virtual rooms.
*SIGNORIA is a colorful luxury experience that ABK dedicated to marble effects: a tribute to the Italian Style beauty, in full harmony with the location designed for the presentation. As in Renaissance art, the collection mixes marbles playing with their contrasts, doing it in a completely contemporary way, in environments with modern volumes and geometric design, furnished in a minimal-chic style.

6 versions are available in the line of porcelain stoneware surfaces: Calacatta Vena Oro, a classic white marble with soft streaks; Roma Imperiale and its refined shades; Port Gold, with a black background and golden streaks; Lilac Gray, white with gray-blue streaks; the most exotic proposal Labradorite; Grigio Siena, an elegant Italian marble with golden streaks on a gray background.