The antibacterial Krion for the check-in desks in Rome Fiumicino

With 100,000 passengers a day and four terminals, Rome-Fiumicino Airport is one of the largest in Italy and one of the busiest in Europe. For this reason, materials resistant to wear and with a high technical performance must be used to cover every part of the structure. For the design of the check-in desks, the architect Giovanna Pontecorvo opted for the compact mineral Krion™ K-Life by Gruppo Porcelanosa in the Show White EAST 1100 version.

Equipped with KEAST photocatalytic technology, the material can reduce the environmental pollution and use its antibacterial properties to prevent the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms, ensuring a better healthiness to environments with high traffic.

More specifically, Krion™ is a new generation Solid Surface with a 100% recyclable composition, which can be reprocessed and reused. As a low weight material, resistant to shocks, chemical agents, UV rays and with low thermal conductivity, its use in large buildings, public or private, is becoming increasingly frequent.