At Cersaie, the "sensitive" architecture of Odile Decq and Benedetta Tagliabue

Two women, which are internationally renowned architects, will be the protagonists of "Sensitive Architecture" at Cersaie, part of of the cultural program "build, live, think". Moderated by the architecture historian Professor Fulvio Irace, the conference is on Thursday, September 30, at 11 a.m., at Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna Fiere.

After the forced social distancing imposed by the pandemic and long months of isolation during the lockdown, we realized the importance of the tactile and sensory side of architecture: the rediscovery of body, colors, symbols and light.
We realized that architecture should be “sensitive” again: this means ensuring a comfort that is not only based on design or function. It should accompany us in daily life by using materials that can amaze and arouse a dialogue with the senses, pointing out details that make us rediscover the values of both intimacy and sociality. From this point of view, women architects are the perfect spokespeople for needs and sensitivities often overlooked by the male side of architecture.                                                                

By describing their most recent projects, Odile Decq and Benedetta Tagliabue will make participants of “build, live, think” (the cultural programme of Cersaie) think about the importance of these elements in everyday life.