DAAA Haus wins the German Design Circle Award

DAAA Haus is a Gold Winner of the German Design Circle Award in the category Excellence for Interior Architecture. Already a winner of many other prizes and awards, the luxury boutique hotel built in Malta in 2017 is the flagship project of the studio that this year celebrates its tenth anniversary with a series of initiatives: a gala party; a series of workshops with major universities and design talks; an exhibition with artisinal rugs designed by the Studio and made in India by hand, as well as the launch of communication campaign designed to commemorate 10 years of design.

The winning project

Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbor is a historic fortress that dominated the port of the Maltese city of Senglea. Built in 1554 by the Knights of St. John the Macina, has been a landmark for centuries. The building was convdrted by DAAA Haus into a luxury hotel over a period of 2 years, and completed in 2017. Today it houses 21 suites, ranging from 40 to 130 square meters. The interiors are characterized by clean and essential lines, quality materials and designer signature furniture pieces. Contemporary design respects and enhances the historical structure.

The common areas are intriguing, with large vaulted ceilings, ample natural light and open views of the harbor. The minimal design of DAAA Haus has created a refined environment in which white and bare natural limestone walls speak of volumes and exude elegance, making it unique in the world.

The studio

"Good design can make the world a better place": this is the believe that for ten years has been guiding DAAA Haus, a multidisciplinary architecture and design studio with offices in Malta, Milan, Ragusa and soon in India in Mumbai, characterized by an approach particular to the design.

foto credits: Elsa Allen