The exclusive ES Gallery of Elite Stone has been inaugurated in London

In the heart of London, the Italian luxury marble has now an entire space. At the beginning of November, the upmarket Italian brand Elite Stone and the quarry Calacatta Borghini have opened the Es Gallery , an exclusive showroom in London (Margaret Street 74, Fitzrovia). The project thus involves a luxury company processing stone and a quarry of fine marbles.

The main feature of the ES Gallery is the interpretation of the Coral Black area living, where the backlit marble is the protagonist. Moreover, Elite Stone included some lighting furnishings in its showroom, halfway between design pieces and lighting technology, which are based on the patented E-light System, which is based on the combination of thin-layered panels of marble and onyx, the transparency of glass and the LED brightness. The system was applied to different products: kitchen furniture, shutters, boiserie, doors and front doors.

According to Tetyana Kovalenko, CEO of Elite Stone, the new showroom is designed thinking “not only of architects, but especially of final customers, with finished products that are the results of a constant research”.