An exclusive "Tile Club" by Matteo Cibic for Marazzi

Inspired by the traditional English Gentlemen’s Club, The Tile Club is a temporary space created by Marazzi to offer a privileged meeting point between ceramics and professional designers

Curated by the award-winning Italian designer Matteo Cibic in collaboration with Studio Blanco – the Club of Via Borgogna 2, inaugurated during the Milan Design Week – it was designed as a special location to express the potential of the new collection of porcelain stoneware slabs Grande 2018.

The "Tile Club” by Marazzi consists of five different rooms – a lobby with a doorman, a central open lounge, a cafe, a wunderkammer and a bistro – entirely covered with the new range of surfaces, which adds the large formats 160x320cm and 162x324cm to the regular ones 120x120cm and 120x240cm, two thicknesses (6mm and 12mm) and new styles inspired by finest marbles, cement’s special style and metals’ mineral charm.

With Grande 2018, the famous ceramic brand opens the way to unique choices of composition, in order to create effects of visual continuity or discontinuity on horizontal and vertical flat areas, furnishing elements, bathroom and kitchen tops, worktops, architectural façades, indoor and outdoor solutions.

When and where:

From April 17, 2018

Marazzi Showroom - 2, Via Borgogna (Milano)