Finiture Progress Profiles for the stadium of the UEFA Euro 2016

Among the French stadiums that will host the long awaited European Football Championship 2016, starting June 10, the latest Nouveau Stade in Bordeaux, designed by Herzog & de Meuron architects, stands out. Inspired by the classical temples, the stadium is embraced by a continuous colonnade recalling the trees of the surrounding landscape. Despite its large size as it can hold 42,000 supporters, the building is characterized by an unusual lightness.

The winning formula of the structure is also the result of Made in Italy materials, first of all the aluminum profiles for the pavement, provided by Treviso Progress Profiles, an important company in the sector of technical and decorative finishing profiles and laying systems.

Zero Curve is the name of the product used: a new terminal connection profile for no coplanar floors. With multiple functions, it ensures an aesthetically appealing closure between the two floorings, reduces the risk of passersby’s tripping and protects floors’ edges. Furthermore, its particular section ensures a high mechanical resistance.

Specifically, in the Bordeaux stadium the anodized silver finish was laid, one of the proposals of the range available in six different colors, ranging from gold to bronze, from titanium to sand, and in 30 different shades of wood that allow to match the profile with any type of flooring.