Florim at London Design Festival with I-MADE

From 19 to 22 September Florim will be taking part in I-MADE, the first exhibition dedicated to Italian design held in conjunction with the London Design Festival. The 4-day exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery of contemporary art explores the most eye-catching, functional and innovative projects by the most prestigious Italian design brands – under the supervision of architect Giulio Cappellini. 

The focal point of Florim exhibition space will be the “Studios” series by Casa dolce casa – Casamood, presented in the form of a conceptual installation depicting little urban landscapes that stand out with all their power in the void. The delicate graphic motifs of this collection are highlighted by Cappellini with two different architectural volumes, two sculpted monoliths that echo the strength and naturalness of the ceramic material.

The exhibition, comprising 13 galleries distributed on three floors of the Saatchi Gallery and the presence of fifty companies, is accompanied by a satellite exhibition that pays homage to Italy’s most iconic brands and a series of design talks hosted by Italian architects and designers.