Fuorisalone 2018: Vitra’s world behind its icons

At the Milan Design Week, the Viennese designer Robert Stadler will show Vitra complex world, through an installation at the former sports arena La Pelota, in the beating heart of the Brera Design District.

The exhibition “Typecasting. An Assembly of Iconic, Forgotten and New VitraCharacters” is an extensive dynamic review of projects, products and design studies of the brand, with the aim of immersing visitors in Swiss furniture leader’s past, present and future history; the curator's perspective will reveal new connections, narrative approaches and possible interpretations.

Besides explaining the project Vitra, the installation aims at stressing the ongoing changes of contemporary society and their effects on conventional types of furniture, calling several international designers to discuss around this theme.

There will also be a section dedicated to the historical archive of Vitra Design Museum, where the next project will be previewed. 

Quando e dove:

17-21 aprile 2018: 10.00-20.00 - 22 aprile 2018: 10.00-17.00

La Pelota - Via Palermo 10 Milano