The "intelligent" Gerflor floor at the Men's Volleyball World Championship 2018

At the World Championships for Male Volley 2018, there will be 12 nations initially divided into 2 groups with 6 teams, which will alternate on more than 5000 square meters of field provided by Gerflor for the matches that will be played in Italy.

Until September 30th, there will be many athletes and professionals on the fields distributed all over Italy and equipped with Taraflex®, the Gerflor brand for indoor sports flooringAll the fields will have to support the physiological stress produced by sports activity at the highest levels of competition: the field in Rome, where the inaugural match took place on September 9th, within Italy vs Japan; in Bari and Florence, where the first phase of the competition will take place; Milan and Bologna for the second phase; Turin, with the final match.

6 fields, over 5000 square meters of material installed in 6 Italian cities: these are the figures of this volleyball world championship for Gerflor, leader in vinyl flooring segment. The playing field for the volleyball world championship 2018 is divided into areas easily recognizable by means of different colorsCoral for the defense area, Terracotta for the attack area placed 3 meters below the net and, finally, Teal for the free zone.

The material: Taraflex®

The "intelligent" treatment of the triple action surface Protecsol allows an accurate sliding coefficient according to the type of movement required, thus allowing the foot to be stable or to slide as needed. Moreover, it ensures the perfect adherence to the movements of play and eliminates the risk of injuries caused by friction, as it reduces the temperature generated by 25%. The VHD foam inserted in the upper layer of the flooring, combined with the closed-cell foam CXP (Cellular Xtreme Process), allows greater comfort and safety; moreover, it doubles the range of deformation around the foot, ensuring greater freedom of rotation and a secure adherence to minimize the risk of injury.

The comfort index of a floor quantifies the intensity of the shock at the time of the impact on the floor caused by jumps or falls: a floor that reaches a high comfort coefficient like Taraflex® reduces the risk of injuries caused by the descent to the ground. Moreover, its ability to absorb shocks avoids possible fatigue fractures. All Taraflex® products are also ISO9001 certified; they can have a fixed or removable installation.