Italian materials fly to Paris with Marco Piva

Italian materials fly to Paris with Marco Piva

Within the Materials Village, the platform created by Material Connexion Italia, dedicated to materials, new technologies and sustainability, Marco Piva presents in Paris "L’Atelier Italien", a sensory path to discover the physicality of matter and its various application possibilities.

The concept of the installation originates from the natural elements from which matter is composed: fire, air, water, earth. Four different materic panels, one per element, host a selection of laminates, limes, recycled materials, wood, that tell the different sensory perceptions that matter can release through its processing, transformation, and combination with other surfaces.

The chromaticity refers to the elements of nature and to the sensations of heat / coldness inherent in matter, in an Italian interpretation of how material’s combinations and processes lead to infinite expressive possibilities.

The elements of Nature, revisited and reported on large panels of 3 meters high with a width varying from 1 to 3 meters, create a sinesthetic place, a corridor between experimentation and research, tradition and innovation.

At the end of the corridor, table materials allow to deepen the technical, decorative and functional features of the four partners involved.

"Research on the matter of architectural composition and interior is for me an almost manic activity, whether it is natural materials -marbles, stones -than artificial materials -glasses, ceramics, metals -up to the new composite materials and synthesis. In L’Atelier Italien -the strength of the project stems from the creative dialogue that has been established between my Studio and the companies: as in an atelier, the synergy between architect and company, creative outreach and maniacal tailoring, unique possibilities arise. The master is all Italian, the result is ready to face the World” tells Piva.

*Where and when:

Maison & Objet - Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte,

08-12 Settembre 2017, 09:30am -07:00pm.

Stand Material Connexion PAD. 8 A98-B97