Krion® becomes air purifying and self-cleaning with the K-Life technology

The Solid Surface KRION®, designed by the brand of the group Porcelanosa Systempool, today launched K-Life, a patented technology innovation - KRION Eco-Active Solid Technology®- that can provide additional surface performance, thus including new applications for both residential and commercial spaces.

Starting from the basic features of the material, made up two-thirds of natural minerals and a small percentage of high-resistant resins, the brand has invested in an innovative production process capable of introducing a series of activators throughout the whole mass of the product that, with any kind of lighting (even artificial), contribute to air purification, self-cleaning, elimination of bacteria and chemical solutions.

Bruno Deserti, Italy Product Manager, explains: «KRION Eco-Active Solid Technology® is the revolutionary leap made by KRION® in the world of Solid Surface. The purpose of this new technology is to give the material many new properties, based on the natural phenomenon of photocatalysis, without altering their physical qualities, color or limiting their use».

«K-Life - K as Krion and Life for its meaning - is the name we have given to this new technology and it's not just a simple surface treatment, but a structural one, which does not involve the use of any dangerous element and guarantees only positive effects on man and environment», Deserti concludes.

Specifically, this innovation has been conceived so that, when harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) come into contact with the surface, the resulting chemical reaction generates mineral salts and water. The air purification activity has been tested both in indoor and outdoor environments, finding that 1 square meter of new K-Life is able to purify the amount of air that 6.5 people breathe in a year. The technology can also eliminate harmful bacteria up to 117% more than other materials.

K-Life, which will progressively replace the formulation of the current Krion® in the base color (white), has been tested by external laboratories (following the ISO standards) to certify its action.