Lapitec at the Fuorisalone with My Secret, a floating spa in the heart of Brera

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone in Milan, architect Michele Perlini will exhibit his My Secret design, a wellness module in the form of an architectural element devoted to calm and contemplation, suspended in an atmosphere that seems to provide a provocative comparison with the frenetic pace of Design Week.
A tribute to the Japanese culture of well-being, My Secret will change the landscape of Brera and create an impression through its simple architecture, in stark contrast to the context. On a raft of 4.5 m x 9 m, suspended on a body of water, stands a unit of 2.5 x 6 m, enclosed by sliding shoji walls and a large, panoramic glass facade, which draws the eye to a more intimate and reserved dimension. 

The language of the interior follows a typically oriental schemata and employs surfaces in natural materials, soothing diffused lighting and pared-back decorative elements, for a pure and uncontaminated effect, with visual voids designed to encourage contemplation and spiritual elevation.

The module is spread over three functional sections: a sleeping area, dominated by a large futon, a Finnish sauna, and a sensorial shower area with chromotherapy. This last area features Lapitec sintered stone, a next-generation Made in Italy material, covered by 25 patents and created from a mixture of 100% natural minerals, compacted without the addition of glues or resins. Available in large, full-body slabs, for architecture and interiors, it offers ultra-resistant characteristics - even in wet or particularly humid environments - thanks to its completely non-porous surface.

The My Secret project proposes a new way of thinking about well-being, through a module with the potential to be placed anywhere (a meadow, for example, a forest, or floating on water), that is also customisable. Above all, however, it creates a meeting point between technological innovation and humanity's primordial need to return to nature, silence and tranquillity.

The ideal location to introduce Design Week audiences to Lapitec, which uses the most advanced technologies to create a natural material with a timeless warmth.
My Secret, in Largo la Foppa, will be open from 7 to 12 June, every day from 8:30 to 23:00.