MOOS: A Green and Social Housing Revolution

Concrete partners with MOOS, an innovative housing concept aiming to create high-quality homes for everybody. MOOS Euterpe is the first project to be completed.

The name MOOS stands for "In the Middle Of Our Street" - derived from the iconic song by Madness - and embodies the goal of creating a vibrant community where everyone feels at home. 

MOOS' mission is to solve the Dutch housing crisis in a social and sustainable way by creating and building high-quality homes for everyone. The prefabricated homes by MOOS are circular and modular and, if necessary, fully demountable and reusable. 

Our ambitions for a greener future are central, whether we are building for families, couples or individuals. Acknowledging this ambition through the achievement of the Future House Awards, in the 'Social Housing' category. Concrete has been a partner in MOOS since its inception in 2020, contributing greatly to the development of the concept, architecture, and branding. Several projects are currently underway with approximately 500 homes being built in the near future.

MOOS Euterpe: first building delivered

MOOS Euterpe is the first MOOS project to be completed. It is a social housing project is located in Maasland, a small village under the smoke of Rotterdam known for its close-knit community. The architecture, designed by Concrete, is driven by the goal of crafting a space that instils pride in residents and creates a sense of connection within community.

Consisting of 30 housing units, MOOS Euterpe is ready to accommodate both individuals and large families since the units offer a wide variety of housing types and sizes. The step-back facade transforms galleries into verandas. This design element emphasises the importance of the transition between public and private spaces, fostering connections between neighbors. 

Copyright pictures: MOOS by concrete