Neolith is increasingly present on the market of restructuring

Launched in 2011 by the Spanish company TheSize, expert in new materials for architecture, the brand Neolith strengthens its presence on the market, following the growing demand for renovation.

This participation is pointed out not only in company's future goals - namely, the strengthening of brand identity and business over the next two years, just a few months before the end of 2017 - but also by the many European professionals that have recently employed Neolith’s new sintered stone for the renovation of both commercial and residential buildings.

Neolith’s material is based on strength and durability, the possibility of being laid on both exterior and interior surfaces, and its lightweight composition that helps to speed up installation, to meet the needs of the competitive restructuring market.

For example, Neolith slabs have been selected by ALTIPLAN° Architects for the renovation of the exterior facade of the Saint Jean Hospital in Brussels - which involved also the use of the patented fixing system TheSize to ease the installation - and used also for the renovation of IV Centenário, a private house in São Paulo curated by Ricardo Rossi Architecture and Interiors. Among other things, there is the renovation of Teatro Barcelò in Madrid, now covered with the marble effect Neolith Estatuario, with a high resistance to scratches and strong impacts and an aesthetic elegance perfect for the project.

Mar Esteve Cortes, the Marketing Director of TheSize, comments: "Neolith offers the possibility of covering large areas with few panels, all combined with its lightness, so the laying of this material is particularly convenient for labor, times and costs. Materials with an easy and fast laying offer the best cost-effective solutions. It is useful not only for the inhabitants of the house, but it can also help to recover any delay occurred during the works".