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Finca Los Pinos: renovation and conservation

An intervention by sanahuja&partners for the rehabilitation of a villa dating from the first half of the 20th century

The restoration of Castel Thun in Trentino

Significant rebuilding work made aimed to spaces’ protection and to adapt the building to the new uses

The refurbishment of Best Western Plus Bologna Hotel in Venice

The refurbishment of this establishment sees the incorporation of the most exclusive products from five companies that belong to Porcelanosa Group.

Loft Go and Loft Jo, Milan: new project by Federico Delrosso for two brothers

Loft Go e Loft Jo have an equal area and are customized on the two young brother clients.

Interior-D: la persona al centro del progetto, tra architettura e psicologia

L’ascolto della persona, dei suoi bisogni e dei suoi sogni, alla base di qualsiasi realizzazione d’interior residenziale. È questo l’inedito approccio progettuale del cosiddetto metodo Interior-D

The renovation of of a historical building

The operation, curated by ZDA| Zupelli Design Architettura, aims to introduce new architectural qualities in a building of the late twentieth century 

An abandoned farmhouse turns into a renovated country house

Surrounded by the Piedmont Alps, an old country house came back to life thanks to a clever renovation made with Fassa Bortolo products.

Porcelain stoneware and glass for the recovery of Mutti's factory

The project, based on the recovery of the historic brick building, an exceptional example of industrial archeology, is the result of a stimulating process in which ancient and new elements were combined to give back vitality to the abandoned area of the factory.

Heat-insulating doors and shutters are the protagonists of a renovated villa in Vienna

The building has been completely renovated, maintaining only the façades; the energy system of the interiors have been carefully redeveloped, with the aim of minimizing consumptions and ensure the best comfort conditions.

Neolith is increasingly present on the market of restructuring

Launched in 2011 by TheSize, expert in new materials for architecture, the brand Neolith strengthens its presence on the market, following the growing demand for renovation.

A “Jungle” atmosphere for the restyling of Parkhotel Brenscino

Located in Brissago, on the Swiss side of Lake Maggiore, the sumptuous Parkhotel Brenscino immersed in the green of a lush green botanical garden is the cornerstone of a wise renewal of the interior spaces led by the Bernuzzisamoriarchitetti studio.

The transformation of Castel d'Alzac into a five-star resort

Dating back to the 15th century and owned by the lords of Saint-Jean d'Alcapiès, the Castle has been recently restored and transformed into a five-star Resort with finely furnished apartments.

Hegel Apartment: recycled materials and unconventionality

The renovation of an old house in Mexico City gives a nod to creativity, sustainability and optimization of spaces.

The restoration of Les Docks: the ceramic is the protagonist

The requalification of the warehouse complex in Marseilles, between architectural project and art installation, in which the ceramic is the absolute star.

Hotel Seamarq, South Korea: a project by Richard Meier&Partners

Renovated by the architect Richard Meier for 2018 Winter Olympics, the luxurious hotel located in South Korea consists of two buildings connected by a bridge.

Muro Sicuro: the Ruredil line for renovation

The new line designed for renovation consists of environmentally friendly products, specific for the restoration of walls, ceiling and floors.