The new multisensory exhibition center Kaldewei Iconic World has been inaugurated

Discovering the brand and the material with all the senses: this is the goal and concept of Kaldewei Iconic World, the new exhibition and interactive center of the well-known German company, expert in bathroom furniture made of enameled steel.

Within a year and a half, including its construction and designing by the architecture studio Schmidhuber, the innovative four-storey structure for a multisensory immersion in Kaldewei offer, dedicated to architects, designers and distributors, was built in Ahlen (Germany).

The underground floors engagingly house the four dimensions of the company: holistic bathroom solutions, iconic design, global partnerships and enameled steel. They guide the visitors towards the hearth of the exhibition, the Iconic Center, meeting along the way a historical masterpiece: the first Kaldewei freestanding bathtub, produced in 1934.

The Iconic Design area aims to convey the vision of Kaldewei and its founder, Franz Kaldewei, also by means of the so-called “Designers' Gallery”, which invites visitors to interactively discover company’s collaborations with the designers of the studios Sottsass Associati, Phoenix Design, Arik Levy, Aisslinger and Anke Salomon.

The central section has an important function too: dedicated to Material Excellence, it is a real focus on Kaldewei enamelled steel, which is the backbone of the brand.

Moreover, visitors can explore the potential and features of the material by means of different experiments, such as the observation of the fall of a weight of 7 kg on the surface of an enamelled shower tray and the overheating of an enameled steel plate with a burst of flame to over 1,000 ° C.