Sandellsandberg building made with GreenCoat® steel wins Design-S award

The acclaimed “Fisksätra Folkets Hus” by Sandellsandberg architects in Stockholm, using sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel from SSAB, won the prestigious Swedish Design Award, “Design-S 2020”, in the “Architecture” category. 

“Fisksätra Folkets Hus” is a recreation and community center that was recently constructed in the heart of Fisksätra, a small urban center located in Nacka (in Stockholm county). It is the initial phase of a large-scale renovation project for this area that is aimed at cultivating an atmosphere of social tolerance and environmental sustainability.

Influenced by the tents of Stockholm’s Hagaparken and the nomadic lifestyles, “Fisksätra Folkets Hus” is a unique, tent-shaped structure whose walls and roof were built with sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel, in sinusoidal profiles and a warm Silver Fir Green color. The color was chosen because of its ability to complement the orange brick buildings of Fisksätra’s surrounding area. It also features a 20-meter skylight, triangular windows and a minimalistic, yet inviting interior. Overall, the structure was designed to have an appealing silhouette that could be seen by commuters.

Swedish starchitect, Thomas Sandell, of Sandellsandberg Arkitekter, chose GreenCoat Pro BT for its ability to create a distinct exterior appearance, as well as for its formability, easy installation, and UV and corrosion resistance.