Spazio FMG presents "Sections of Autonomy. Six Korean Architects"

For its tenth anniversary, SpazioFMG, the Milan showroom gallery of the brands Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti continues to investigate the unexplored zones of contemporary architecture, presenting an exhibition dedicated to South Korea, displayed until May 12.

Curated by Choi Won-joon and Luca Galofaro, “Sections of Autonomy. Six Korean Architects” examines the work of a generation of professionals that established itself between the late '90s and the early 2000s.

The work of the six architects is narrated in their own words, by means of technical drawings and models produced by their studios and the artistic photographs they have commissioned. A kaleidoscope of fascinations so tells the liveliness and the complexity of the urban landscape of Korean metropolis, where the high density results always in new forms of intersection and overlapping of public, collective and private spaces.

«To celebrate its first 10 years, SpazioFMG stresses its vocation for the experimental geographical contexts and realities, after the Japanese exploration of “Architecture as a piece of nature” (2011), the in-depth analysis on the African continent of “Together. Visions from contemporary African architecture” (2014) and the photographic journey through the Norway of “Norway. Architecture, infrastructure, landscape” (2016). The opportunity to host “Sections of Autonomy. Six Korean Architects” is a valuable opportunity to study and examine the urban landscapes and the architectural production of South Korea, characterized by a very high quality but still little explored», Luca Molinari, the scientific director of the gallery, commented.

The exhibition presents the works of Choi Moon-gyu (Ga.A Architects), Jang Yoon-gyoo (Unsangdong Architects Cooperation), Kim Jong-kyu (M.A.R.U.), Kim Jun-sung (Architecture Studio hANd), Kim Seung-hoy (KYWC Architects), Kim Young-joon (YO2 Architects).