A stoneware Golden Castle ("Castello dorato") for the Fuorisalone of LB and Fondovalle

The modern era duality of robustness and fragility is at the base of the installation by LB Arte Italiana and Ceramica Fondovalle, designed for the Fuorisalone and hosted in the spaces of the State University.

“DESIGN ISLAND – IL CASTELLO DORATO ", created in collaboration with the architect Francesco Lucchese, proposes a reinterpretation of the house of cards archetype, implemented thanks to the use of resistant materials - such as large porcelain stoneware slabs (2 cm thick) - to evoke the idea of stability and the addition of delicate and transparent elements that aim to arouse a feeling of virtual insecurity.

The ephemeral nature of the building is transformed here into firm concreteness, and the house of cards becomes a solid trunk capable of preserving the security of the most precious objects; in the same way, the walls of a house become a protective architectural skin for those who live there.

LB Arte Italiana is the new division of LB, manufacturer of systems and technologies for the ceramic industry, created in collaboration with the studio Lucchesedesign of Milan, with the aim of catching the emerging trends of different markets and turn them into innovative surfaces for architecture by means of a constant R&D activity. The language of the new business unit will be able to establish a direct dialogue with architects and designers.

Moreover, the recently opened creative laboratory - located in the factories of Fiorano Modenese (Italy) -uses a powder preparation system that increases efficiency, flexibility and chromatic variability in the production of both technical and enameled porcelain stoneware.


When & Where:

17-22 aprile

Università Statale - Via Festa del Perdono, 7