Take a photo and transform the space around you with RealityRemod by Maticad

For over 30 years, Maticad has been conceptualizing and developing software solutions built specifically for the world of interior design, for manufacturers, retailers, designers, and homeowners. Alongside DomuS3D, the professional interior design software, a new suite of web apps was developed in recent years which use the latest technology to visualize the furnished spaces in which we live. We’re talking about web apps that can play a key part in developing your own digital display case, undoubtedly decisive tools to help grow and modernize any business in the interior design industry.

RealityRemod is one such web app. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence applied to Augmented Reality, it allows you to easily swap out the floor and wall materials of any photo of your home. RealityRemod automatically recognizes the floors and walls in a photo, letting you easily apply new materials in just one click. With this web app, you can start with a simple photo and quickly visualize realistic previews of tons of different tile installation alternatives. Users are able to choose different installation patterns, rotate the tiling, and customize grout color and size however they wish. 

RealityRemod can easily be integrated on your company’s website and customized for your brand and product catalog so visitors can quickly simulate different tile solutions. It’s an easy and interactive way for new and existing customers to get to know your products and to inspire them to visit their nearest showroom. 
Each product available in RealityRemod is curated to the smallest detail, ensuring quality by reproducing any surface with extreme realism. Companies that integrate RealityRemod on their website have the important benefit of being able to view and analyze usage statistics, allowing you to constantly monitor the most used products and, therefore, customer preferences.

In a world where the vast majority of consumers consult the web to learn both about the products they want to buy and the stores nearest them, RealityRemod positions itself as an innovative tool for digital marketing. It gives companies a new way to engage potential customers directly from their own home, thanks to its ease of use and the guaranteed wow effect it creates for users.