Tecnografica presents Italian Wallpaper

Tecnografica Italian Wallpaper, officially launched on 20 February by the well-known Italian design firm, is a new industrial project for the production of exclusive wallpaper.

This highly innovative project involved about a year of work in developing cutting-edge solutions and creating a new concept of interior decoration. The innovation is both artistic and technological and focused in particular on environmental sustainability, using completely eco-friendly digital inks and printing substrates. The Castellarano-based company's new SD technology also gives the Tecnografica Italian Wallpaper unparalleled definition and colours.

Alongside this innovative new product, Tecnografica will be focusing strongly on new collections, exploiting the experience it has gained in the ceramic sector to create exclusive, original and customised designs. The collections due to be unveiled in March will feature contributions by the leading artists and designers with whom Tecnografica has signed partnership agreements.
The launch of Tecnografica Italian Wallpaper testifies to the results of the company's investments in research and design aimed at improving the aesthetic quality of its decorative offerings and extending its range of activities into non-ceramic sectors. In particular, it has borrowed ideas from the ceramic sector and made full use of continuous advances in technology.

In conjunction with the presentation of the new project, the website www.tecnografica.net has been updated and is now divided into two separate sections: one devoted exclusively to wallpaper and special decorations (under the Tecnografica Italian Wallpaper brand name) and one corporate section illustrating the company's other activities in the field of ceramic design.