Terratinta Group acquires Micro


Terratinta Group, a premium Italian ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturer and owner of Terratinta Ceramiche, Ceramica Magica and Sartoria, recently acquired its fourth brand. The new acquisition, Micro, is a fast-growing producer of small-size technical porcelain mosaic known for its collaboration with internationally acclaimed designers.

“The operation will enable the group to expand further and testifies to its dynamism in a complex and unpredictable market,” explains Luca Migliorini, CEO of the Fiorano Modenese-based group. “In just two years of business, Micro has established itself in the market as a brand with distinctive characteristics and a clearly recognisable identity, and although it is still at the start-up stage, it has earned major recognition in all continents. With the economic and commercial strength of Terratinta Group behind it, we are confident the brand will enjoy further growth starting out from the sales channels where it first achieved success.”

With this acquisition, Terratinta completes its range and now has a well-balanced portfolio of products for retail and architecture and design professionals.

Terratinta Group distributes its products in more than 50 countries worldwide through a logistics centre and an extensive sales network. No less than 98% of its revenue is currently generated from exports, mainly to Northern Europe (where the group is a market leader) and North America. 

Terratinta Group was recently selected by the ItalyPost Research Centre as one of the 175 companies of excellence in Emilia Romagna based on financial indicators measuring growth, profitability and financial solidity and with a rating defined as “excellent” by the ratings agencies.