The town planning scheme "Tirana 2030" has been approved

Giving life to a "kaleidoscopic city". This is the purpose of the town planning scheme designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti in collaboration with the studios UNLAB and IND, called "Tirana 2030". Formally approved by the Albanian National Council on April 14, after the approval of the Tirana City Council on 26 December 2016, this ambitious project opens a new phase for the future of the Albanian capital.

The scheme includes the entire metropolitan area, as well as the rail connection with Durrës’ airport and port, public transport and services, green areas and ecological corridors, new areas of controlled expansion and, finally, the enhancement of city’s architectural heritage.

Tirana will intensively grow following its historical paths (Boulevard Dëshmorët and Kombit, the second and fourth rings, the Tirana-Durres axis, the 5 development areas), without occupying other agricultural or natural lands, but actually multiplying services, public spaces and green areas. With the creation of two cycling, green and pedestrian rings within the central area, besides a large natural oasis around the Farka Lake and the new green zone around the waterways, the green areas in the city will be tripled.

Moreover, Boeri’s project redesigns the urban mobility - introducing in the central areas the "congestion charge", boosting car sharing with a system of "bus dedicated lines" - and the exurban one, with a fast line connecting Boulevard and the Airport, as well as the rationalization of the links with the external centers.
An eco-friendly corridor - designed to stimulate energy production by means of renewable sources - will help to promote the city and its development.

Compared with the current plan, the newly approved town planning scheme has reduced the metropolitan area's demographic development forecasts by two-thirds, besides designing a green metropolis, accessible to all, which will favor the multiplicity of the established functions and the different activities.