TTA Awards 2016: to Astor the “Floor Tile of The Year”

It was held last May 14, in the picturesque setting of the St John's Hotel & Conference Centre in Solihull, the awards ceremony of the TTA-Awards 2016, the event which every year gives prestigious awards to the industry of porcelain tiles for floors and walls .
Promoted and organized by the English-TTA The Tile Association, the event has seen rewarded eighteen players in the ceramic sector, each in a different category.

The Context Collection from Astor (Firestone by Craven Dunnill & Co), presented by Craven Dunnill & Co Ltd - one of the largest UK distributors of ceramic tiles, active since 1872 in Bridgnorth, Shropshire - was awarded the TTA Awards 2016 in the category "Floor Tile of the Year ", confirming the great charm, originality and advanced ceramics series from Astor brand.

It comes in four colors, from the lightest White and Amber to the darkest Brown and Shadow, Context revisits in a modern and contemporary way the intense style of “ cotto tiles”, making it a great solution for those who want to reinvent modern commercial and residential environments. The appearance of the “ Cotto “ look, in fact, finds its counterpart in the functional peculiarities of the best porcelain stoneware made in Italy, designed according to the main sustainable criteria.

The wide range of available sizes, ranging from rectangular 60x120 cm to 10x20 cm, through the 80x80 cm, 45,3x75,8 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60,5 cm, 30x30 cm and 6x30 cm, adds an equally wide range of mosaics and special pieces. Characterized by high performance in terms of water absorption, abrasion resistance, thermal shock and chemical resistance, Context ensures excellent results in terms of reliability and durability over time.