UNobject presents "Experiential Matter"

During the Milan Design Week 2024, which will be held from 16 to 21 April, UNobject, founded in Taiwan in 2023, invites the public to Hall 10 at Palazzo Litta to present "Experiential Matter".

This installation, aimed at transforming the way design is perceived, offers an unprecedented sensory and conceptual immersion. Through "Experiential Matter", UNobject intends to explore and pay homage to the intrinsic bond between humans and materials, reflecting the spirit of rebellion and innovation that characterises the brand.

The exhibition, designed to immerse visitors on a journey through the company’s core values, is divided into two distinct but interconnected environments: the outer perimeter and an elevated Zen garden. The garden is strategically placed in the centre of the hall to create a striking contrast with the historic environment that hosts it. This element becomes the stage for a performance that transforms the interaction with design objects into an act of pure and unfiltered expression.

On the structure of the Zen garden, a performer, driven by improvisation, interacts with UNobject items through original and unusual movements. Every gesture, every touch, becomes an expression of genuine emotions, creating a visual narrative that enhances the emotional and tactile relationship with the elements. This dance between body and matter invites visitors to reflect on the importance of direct experience, free from any preconception. In the surrounding space, the UNobject collection unfolds, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the sensory magic of the object. Motivated by the performance, spectators are encouraged to touch and feel the objects, immersing themselves in their texture, shape, and various tactile sensations. This direct contact not only enhances the aesthetics and practicality of the creations but also stimulates a personal emotional connection with each piece.

Forest emerges as a living tribute to the wilderness, with sculptures and furnishings that transform living spaces with the charm of untouched greenery. Using the precision of CNC art, wood transforms into silhouettes that evoke the grandeur of trees, visually narrating the tale of the vital interconnection between humanity and nature. Beyond Forest, catches a glimpse of Tetra, a celebration of modularity that, with its tetrahedral shapes, unlocks opens the possibilities of form and function. It relies on the solidity of the tetrahedron to reshape the perception of space and form. Topo reinvents the concept of seating by showcasing the potential fusion of topology and 3D printing to set new benchmarks in sustainability and design. Vortex fascinates with its fluid interpretation of movement, inspired by the complexity of naval propellers and perfected with the art of lost-wax casting. Mozhu, made through the unique technique of glassblowing and using recycled glass, exhibits a craftsmanship that creates an emotional bridge between people.

The innovation continues with Crystn, which interprets the imperfections of crystal as preludes to unique beauty; Y, which blends aesthetics and practicality in organically sculpted shapes with CNC mastery; and Cell, which revolutionises the concept of lighting with a futuristic design realised through 3D printing. Every element of this collection embodies UNobject's creative journey, inviting contemplation on the fusion of innovation, art, and sustainability that defines the new frontier of contemporary design.

"Experiential Matter" and the product collection unfold as a multidimensional journey through materials, discoveries and experiences, proposing a tangible engagement in creativity, inclusivity and innovation.

Every moment spent in this space becomes unique, with each interaction revealing previously unseen aspects of existence and deeply valuing emotions. Accompanying this sensory adventure is a tailor-made melody intertwined with the authentic sounds of production places, and melodically enriched to weave a sonic atmosphere that enhances the experience. The journey is to emphasise UNobject's connection to the wilderness, inviting the exploration of a yet uncharted universe.

To shape its visionary project, UNobject integrates artistic conception with concrete demonstration. Through this exhibition, UNobject stands out in the landscape of contemporary design, promoting deep reflection on the art of the object and its communicative power. It invites the public to an unparalleled exploratory immersion, where the boundary between the observer and the work blurs, creating a vibrant conversation that intertwines aesthetics, utility, and sensory perception.