Venice Biennale 2018: Iris Ceramica Group is the technical sponsor of the Italian Pavilion

Iris Ceramica Group has debuted at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale as technical sponsor of the Italian Pavilion, curated by architect Mario Cucinella: “Arcipelago Italia. Projects for the future of country's inland territories”.

The installation - dedicated to the Italian urban space and, in particular, to five specific areas that become symbols of the territory revival - has the final aim of defining a possible future approach to connect architecture and landscape, investigating the role of the discipline in the process of urban renewal.

Thanks to the consideration proposed this year by the Italian Pavilion, Iris Ceramica Group has decided to sponsor the event, declaring the common intentions that unite the company to the work of the architect Cucinella and, in general, to the Manifesto FREESPACE, edited by the curators Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara.

“Our participation in the realization of the Italian Pavilion, within one of the main international events of architecture, corresponds exactly, in its preconditions and vision, to the values that characterize the  identity and work of the Group”, the CEO, Federica Minozzi, claims. “Since the foundation of our Group, we have accepted and actively pursued the challenge for a sustainable development, to get a “people-oriented” future. This corporate disposition finds its maximum expression in the project Arcipelago Italia and in the research and planning of the MCA studio, which offers a concrete point of reflection as well as a critical analysis of the ethical and social role of architecture in the process of urban development and renewal”.

Inside the Italian Pavilion, located at Tese delle Vergini in the Arsenale, the company's materials will give life to a 10-meter-long setting, consisting of large 300x100 cm slabs made of technical ceramics.

Moreover, the structure will be customized with the technology “DYS - Design Your Slabs” of the Italian holding company, with a hand-design created by Mario Cucinella, who explains: “The future will be increasingly linked to materials quality and the role of materials in the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It is not just an active logic but also a production chain. In the Italian Pavilion, these environmental issues are deeply connected to the social and ethical dimension of resources. In this research for the discover the country, we shared these values with Iris Ceramica Group”.

All’interno del Padiglione Italia, situato alle Tese delle Vergini all’Arsenale, i materiali dell’azienda daranno dunque vita a una quinta lunga 10 metri composta da grandi lastre 300x100 cm in ceramica tecnica.

La struttura sarà inoltre personalizzata grazie alla tecnologia “DYS - Design Your Slabs” della holding italiana, con un disegno realizzato a mano da Mario Cucinella, il quale spiega “Il futuro sarà sempre più legato alla qualità delle materie, alla capacità che le materie avranno di svolgere un ruolo attivo nella riduzione dei consumi energetici e nella riduzione delle emissioni di CO2. Non è solo una logica attiva ma di filiera di produzione. Nel percorso del Padiglione Italia questi temi ambientali sono profondamente legati anche ad una dimensione sociale ed etica delle risorse. In questo lavoro di ricerca di scoperta del paese abbiamo condiviso questi valori con Iris Ceramica Group”.