WOW’s tiles and SMMS turn the rules of interior design upside down

A dreamlike fantasy setting was created using tiles by WOW Design, with surprising results able to transport visitors to a whole new dimension.

WOW Design, the prestigious signature tile design studio, is taking part in CASA DECOR 2023, the exhibition of ephemeral displays, in conjunction with Summumstudio, the well-known design studio. Following their receipt of the Best Project Award at the previous edition, this time the winning pair has come up with a startling ground-breaking setting that interacts with spectators, transforming visits into a whole new experience.

Using WOW Design’s unique tiles, the designers created a fantasy-like setting, conceived to make an impact on everyone, astonishing all those who enter it. Through a setting that challenges the laws of gravity, it literally turns the rules of architecture and interior design upside down.

The display can be visited at Casa Decor in Madrid, Spain’s biggest exhibition of ephemeral settings–now in its 58th edition–and a showcase for the latest interior design, lifestyle and design trends.

The display, entitled “Home Sweet Home”, does away with all preconceived notions of a setting, surprising visitors with its air of magic, evocative of the famous play by Oscar Wilde “The Importance of Being Earnest”, whose characters also found themselves confronted with the unexpected. With this setting, the interior designers wished to create a sensory experience, immersing visitors in a world of fantasy where WOW Design’s tiles play a predominant role.

The display recreates an eye-catching dining room, shown upside down, with the tables, chairs, dishes and other utensils apparently hanging from the ceiling. The mirrorlike walls multiply this surprising visual effect.

Treading on a tiled ceiling

Visitors who enter the display find themselves treading on a ceiling clad in tiles, alongside the lights that hang from it. The objects on the tables are suspended in mid-air, creating an illusory air of fantasy.

One sole tile model was used in a soft-coloured glossy finish to create a dreamlike quality. The shiny volumetric tiles–from the Sweet Bars collection–come in the format of vertical bars, generating a highly expressive undulating effect on surfaces. Once again, this collaborative project by WOW Design and Summunstudio makes an astonishing impact. By using tiles with high added value in such an original way, new ground has been broken in interior design, transforming both design studios into leading references in the worlds of design and interior design.

The winners of well-known international design awards

WOW and SMMS have won numerous awards as a result of their long-term collaborative relationship. In the “Best Design Show Stand” category of the 10th edition of the Emporia de Oro Award, in 2022, an ex aequo award was given to the stands designed by Summumstudio for WOW Design at CERSAIE 2022 and 2021 (Bologna, Italy).

The setting by WOW Design at Casa Decor 2022 was also singled out to receive the Emporia de Plata Award in the “Best Illuminated Ephemeral Display” category. The Icon tile model, another outcome of this collaborative initiative between the two studios, was singled out to receive the Product Design Award at the international RED DOT DESIGN Award and 2023 iF DESIGN AWARD.