Bernhardt&Vella designed the interior of Casa Rugiano

Bernhardt&Vella designed the interior of Casa Rugiano, a space dedicated to showcasing the brand's furniture within the company, presenting a vision of luxurious and sophisticated living. Some of Rugiano's most distinctive products interact with architectural elements that make a strong statement, along with custom-made furniture and unique pieces.

"We aimed to work on a concept of warm and informal elegance," state Paola Vella and Ellen Bernhardt, "but also on a rigorous pursuit of quality and extreme attention to detail, resulting in a markedly artisanal approach. The goal was to create a sense of serenity in the interiors, where the reassuring effect of references to the past blends with creative insights that fully express the personality of those who inhabit them."

The space stages a snapshot of daily life characterized by precious materials and refined details. The environments are enhanced by geometric and sharp volumes, creating a sort of gallery with a dramatic perspective effect, giving the project personality and character. Elegant materials such as bronze, nubuck, and silk, warm surfaces, and brass details constitute the common thread of the project. The color palette ranges from delicate hues, like the beige of the travertine floor, to bolder shades such as blue and plum of the wooden paneling: nuances that transform depending on the varying intensity of light throughout the day. The staircase leading to Casa Rugiano, with its bold lines and clear marble tones, adds elegance to the entire context.

The centerpiece of the kitchen area is the large Valentine grey marble island designed by Bernhardt&Vella, which stands out in the center of the room and, thanks to the large suspended top, appears surprisingly lightweight. The full-height storage systems in burnished brass, custom-made, complement the colors used within the space, contrasting with the travertine floor. The chosen marble for the kitchen finds echoes in the decorative frame, also in Valentine gray, outlining the door of the room.

The living area maximizes the spaciousness and the views of the greenery through the harmony of chromatic differences among the furnishings: the avio blue paneling embellished with brass details finds its counterpart in the choice of lightweight textiles and rugs in soft tones. The sinuous and delicate curves of the Pierre sofa are complemented by the perimeter of the base in burnished brass, also echoed by the Liberty lamp. At the center of the composition, the Field coffee table with its geometric and decisive design recalls the metallic effect of the details of other furnishings and architectural elements.

The Rugiano products in the living area, all designed by Bernhardt&Vella, are juxtaposed with a series of mid-century modern pieces, such as the iconic folding wooden armchairs designed by Giò Ponti, and unique pieces, like the root wood coffee table.

The dining room, accessed through elegant sliding walls made of leather with brass details, maintains the paneling motif, this time in shades of plum, juxtaposed with dark wood flooring. In the foreground, the rosewood table and seats designed by Gianfranco Frattini confirm the choice of brass, this time in a shinier version, as a distinctive sign of the entire project. To conclude the narrative of the dining space, a lamp by Massimo Vignelli for Arteluce with textile fringes and a rug soften the space, confirming the DNA of the designers, always seeking inspiration from the past but with an eye towards future living.

The idea aims not only to exhibit the brand's pieces but also to recreate a convivial environment that serves as inspiration for architects, interior designers, and private clients.