Dynamism and marble effects for the new Central Bank of Ireland

A new building with a sculptural profile frames open-plan offices designed to recreate a collaborative working environment for over a thousand employees. These are the new headquarters of the Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin, designed by the Henry J Lyons Studio according to the most current contemporary diktat.

The renovation project for the Central Bank of Ireland maximizes the potential of the existing structure and its river panorama, relying on efficiency, innovation and comfort. The building earned a very high BREAM rating, the first in Ireland for a workspace.

The outer envelope is represented by a glass skin, protected from solar heat thanks to a layer of anodised aluminum panels; inside, bridges and stairs characterize the fulcrum of the structure. Here, the person is at the center and the internal and external communication that is constantly advantaged by an exhibition space, a conference room, a training center and a library.

The material

In this context, the ceramic collection of surfaces “White Experience” by Italgraniti Group, made of porcelain stoneware with marble effect has been selected for its wide range of solutions. In fact, many finishes are used in the 9.5 mm thickness for the internal and external floors and walls of the building. The color scheme is sober and refined, with a pure, elegant white color, in the shades Statuario and gray Pulpis.

Besides its expressiveness, White Experience also has resistance, inalterability, ease of cleaning and maintenance. These features perfectly meet all the needs of large contemporary public spaces.

photo credit: Studio Henry J Lyons