On Fisher Island, marble is the star of "Palazzo della Luna"

Fisher Island is an exclusive private island, facing the famous Miami South Beach, accessible only to residents and their guests by sea, by special ferry or private boat. Bloomberg classified it as “the richest place to live in the United States”, the island is a tropical oasis where luxury and tranquility perfectly join the beautiful scenery of white beaches and the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Palazzo della Luna is the newest residential complex of the island and has already been appreciated by buyers all over the world, being the maximum in quality and location.

The architecture

Palazzo della Luna was designed by the Miami Architect Kobi Karp and the landscape architect Enzo Enea. The interiors were curated by the New York studio Champalimaud Design, which has reinterpreted the concept of a classical building by combining traditional elegance with modern aesthetics.

The building has 10 ultra-luxurious floors and includes 50 exclusive residences ranging from 350 s.m. to 950 s.m., all with huge terraces, entrance and private elevator, gourmet kitchens and luxurious bathrooms.

The materials

The marble, by Margraf, for the coating of all bathrooms and the domestic SPA made the interior spaces unique and even more exclusive.

The use of precious and durable materials, such as natural stone, creates a sense of uniqueness and fluidity. 1,500 s.m. of carefully selected marble - tailor-made and laid with book matches - are the stars in these bathrooms, all different from each other, as made by the Vicenza-based company on specific requests of customers.


  • Architects: Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design
  • Interior design: Champalimaud Design
  • Landscape Architect: Enea Garden Design
  • Total residences: 50
  • Total floors: 10
  • 1.500 s.m. of fine marbles by Margraf, laid with book matches, used for all bathrooms of the houses.