The Lapitec sintered stone for a villa overlooking the Costa Smeralda

A villa consisting of two living units, a 5000 sqm park and the view of one of the most beautiful beaches of Porto Cervo. This is the starting point for the transformation commissioned to the GAAP studio: transforming the structure, in full respect of the existing one, into a “home for families”, to live every season of the year as a place of aggregation in which both indoors and outdoors resemble and combine each other.

The reinterpretation of the existing one in a contemporary style

The original villa, made up of two separate units built in the 1970s on a lot of about 5,000 square meters, had a large garden that developed along the natural slope of the hill, completely overlooking the sea and the surrounding green.

The building has been completely renovated with the aim of preserving the continuity between interior and exterior, thus maintaining only the supporting structure and enlarging it according to the project. The villa has also been redesigned by searching for a harmony between the clean and neat lines of the exterior architecture and the soft ones of the natural conformation of soil and rocks.

The material

The identification of the material was the first and essential step for the implementation of the project: Lapitec® sintered stone was chosen for the purity of its finishes and colors. The team had in fact assumed the use of a white stone material that would not have impurities or veins and had to be available in large format slabs.

For example, for the flooring of the villa, a 150cmX75cm base module was chosen to ensure the optimum use of Lapitec® slabs. Each single piece was adapted to the size of rooms and external environment, obtaining a precise design. For the walls, only single tiles (250 cm height), from the floor to the ceiling, were used.

The clever chromatic and design choices enhanced the visual continuity between inside and outside, house and nature, making the finishes the differentiation mark of the perception of the surfaces.

In particular, they choose White Cream in Satin finish – used for the inner surfaces of the floor and the walls of some bathrooms - and Vesuvio, for all outdoor floors, ideal for its safety because reducing slippage with its appearance of a flamed granite.

Moreover, the colors Sahara and Tobacco were used in the Satin finish for some baths and spa. The final effect, extremely striking, is in part given by the qualities and workability of the full body sintered stone.

The outdoor space

The pool, designed on the main front of the house to create a scenery between sky and sea, develops with a fluid, geometric and rational design that extends over 230 square meters. The lining and the walkways, entirely made of Lapitec®, embellished the design of the water mirror creating an eye-catching contrast. Here, the large tiles have been molded to be glued to each other and thus create a strategic homogeneity to allow the material, in contact with the infinity edge, to form an optical horizon that embraces the sea. The result is an outdoor strongly connected with the context, balanced between nature and design.