Leinster Square: the modern classic bathroom furniture is the star

Leinster Square is a pearl of London architecture, located in the neighbourhood of Notting Hill and now protected by the “National Heritage List for England” for its historical and architectural relevance.

In this context, the recent collaboration between Alchemi Group and Studio Le TateHindle brought to the transformation of an old building - formerly an abandoned and degraded hostel – into a high-end residential complex that today includes six apartments and five luxury homes.

The homes have been brought back to their original beauty, with French shutters and a private patio. The six side apartments are located on floors 2-4 and are accessible via concierge-zone with private access. In particular, the villas located at numbers 7-12, overlooking the renovated green area, develop from the ground floor up to the first floor and are characterized by high ceilings up to 3.5 meters. Regarding the furniture, a pleasing classic taste is combined with a modern and functional design, which lends elegance with its fine finishes and sumptuous complement.

Moreover, the well-finished interior design is completed by a selection of Devon&Devon masterpieces to ensure the highest aesthetic quality in bathroom environments: each area, from spacious suites to smaller shower rooms, is in fact characterized by a perfect refinement.

The chosen pieces had to be in line with the complex’s time of building, so as to adapt the renovation to the pre-existing architectural style. For this reason, freestanding bathtubs, washbasin cabinets, consoles and accessories with deco details were privileged, because able to finely evoke the stylistic inspiration of the Victorian period.

Laura Marino, founder and creative director of Studio L, explains: “I'm very attached to this neighbourhood in London. With this project, I wanted to exalt a lively and strong creativity, respecting the standards of beauty of that time, wonderfully eccentric and at the same time rigorous. My intention was to recreate a classic and timeless atmosphere, which did not turn out to be too trendy. Moreover, I liked to dare in bathrooms design, which are precious treasures of understated elegance, with a never flaunted own personality”.