Litokol for the department store Tsum, Kiev

Tsum is the name of the most famous and popular Kiev trade center. Located in the city center, next to the city hall, Tsum's trade center is the “landmark” of the Ukrainian capital for the shopping of luxury clothing and accessorize, sought after culinary proposals, homewares, perfumery products, cosmetics and jewels.

Built in 1939 and completely renovated in 2016, the historic building that houses the trade center covers a total area of 45,000 square meters, while the commercial area occupied by Tsum is 25,000 square meters.

The renovation, for which the best brands available on the construction market were chosen, was completed in 2016: it transformed the historic great department store into a modern trade center, to be called the “Harrods of Kiev”.

The client company (TOV Esta Holding) entrusted the project to the London-based studio Benoy, which co-operated with the Ukrainian studio, Larisa Skorik, to direct the works.

The porcelain stoneware tiles produced by Atlas Concorde and Ragno were chosen to renovate the historic building’s pavements and for internal and external commercial spaces, both for floors and walls.

On the other hand, Litokol provided various types of products for the installation of tiles and in particular for isolating, gluing, sealing and cleaning the surfaces.

The improved cementitious adhesive Litoflex K80 - in gray and white colors - was used for gluing large tiles, while the improved X11 cementitious adhesive Litokol X11 for the smaller ones. The Primer X94 was chosen to isolate plasterboard walls before the laying of ceramic tiles with cementitious adhesives. For grouting, cementitious sealants were selected, such as Litochrom 1-6, useful for grouting joints 1 to 6 mm wide, in the colors C.40 Anthracite, C.10 Gray and C.60 Bahama Beige. In other situations, they preferred the two-component epoxy sealant Starlike - in Silver C.220, Portland Gray C.560 and Mid Gray C.280 - and the specific detergent Litonet to complete the cleaning operations.