Porcelanosa for Centro Borgo, Bologna

Combining architecture, art, graphic design and communication in a strong creative symbiosis, the famous Centro Borgo in Bologna shines majestic. The commercial building, central point of the shopping in the Italian city, follows cutting-edge architecture with the recent renovation carried out under the management of the famous architect Paolo Avellini, by the architectural firm INRES, in collaboration with AREA 17 Architettura.

The renovation of the building, completed in May 2015, aimed at high prospects of change by using a dynamic and innovative language.

The iconic reinterpretation of the three entrance towers transforms them in a red metal weave dematerialized into the sky, emphasizing their essence, both commercial and symbolic.

The boundaries disappear and the gallery becomes a real urban route, where interior and exterior lose their traditional spatial connotations. For the restyling of the external side, Avellini chose PORCELANOSA Grupo products and materials, thus creating an impressive ventilated facade of 1600 square meters in KRION® Solid surface, installed with Butech architectural systems. The walls of the building provide a contemporary reinterpretation of the ancient city walls, partially covered with climbing plants. Moreover, the soft shapes of the new internal squares are animated by pillars that turn into “trees” full of color, rooted in the vibrant design of the paving.

Using 1100 Snow White color of latest generation compact mineral, countersank and backlit, the architect played with light to get a cosmopolitan and modern building.