A private house dressed by large ceramic slabs

A gem on the French Riviera, the peninsula of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is a tiny paradise of lush vegetation which was also historically chosen for its peace and quiet as an oasis for luxury homes.

Set amid the soft green hills and benefiting from the local mild climate stands one of the recently built private homes designed by Studio TE - Tino Brambilla Enrico Corti.

The Brambilla-Corti partnership, the former an architect and the latter an interior designer, has given rise to a project where every element, both functional and decorative, is devised and picked with usage and styling in mind. Evoking a sophisticated taste, it is above all light that dominates the entire House; it floods in through the large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea, and is then reflected onto the large polished “marble look” surfaces used for the interiors, from the flooring to the wall cladding. The Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato slabs, from the I Naturali series, have been used continuously across all the living room and bedroom settings, including the bathrooms and the kitchen, also in the Book Match combination, where the veining joins to perfection down the middle.

Outside, the same surfaces in the Mat finish used for the flooring guarantee an uninterrupted perspective.

The result is a domestic space in harmony with nature, the styling of which it preserves, without using up its resources, with the added bonus of external stress resistance afforded by Laminam ceramic.


  • Anno: 2017
  • Location: Saint Jean Cap Ferrat/France 
  • Progetto: Studio TE – Tino Brambilla Enrico Corti
  • Materiali: gres porcellanato Laminam, serie I Naturali, variante Calacatta Oro Venato, Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato, formato 1000x3000mm