In San Francisco, a home with a view characterized by luxury and functionality

Glen Park is a private three-storey residence that has luxury as its main flagship. It is characterized by a minimalist approach, an eclectic style and a clever dialogue between interiors and exteriors, besides offering spectacular views of the rolling hills of San Francisco. Located in the homonym district of Glen Park, immersed in a forest full of panoramic views and green spaces, it fits perfectly the territory in which it is located, being detached from the frenzy of the urban center.

The house

The design of the house, by the CCS Architecture Studio, focused on the creation of an intimate place, suitable for everyday life, besides offering spaces for conviviality. Regarding architecture, the aims were the panoramic views of the city, attracting natural light as much as possible in the interiors. For this reason, the main living area has been strategically developed on the third last floor. Here, the majestic cityscape has two different complementary points: from the living room, with the overlooking furnished balcony; from the kitchen, opening onto the terraced and equipped courtyard.

Design and materials for the interiors

The furniture selection expresses a specific style, with its the suspended fireplace wall, the polished stainless steel ceiling at the dining table and the sculptural stairs that run through the entire house acting as a vertical counterpoint.

The interior design has a minimalist style: the simplicity and sobriety of white prevails to sculpt the spaces, lit by unexpected blobs of color on accessories and wall coverings. This alternation characterizes the study, as well as the music room and the entrance where an original red armored door stands out. On the other hand, the master suite is pleasingly characterized by a Nordic and romantic look that becomes a modern-classic one in the attached bathroom with Carrara marble walls and floors.

Finally, wood warms the environments: the floor, for example, consists of blocks made of recovered Douglas fir, which also cover the stairs and are combined with glass and burnished steel in a pleasant mix.

Design and materials for the outdoor

In sharp contrast to the whiteness of the interior, the exterior color is an elegant charcoal, with the cypress wood tables, specially carbonized before the installation by using the Shou Sugi Ban. This Japanese technique makes wood more resistant to flames and gives it a permanent dark shade.

Designed and built by a local company expert in landscape design, the outdoor is a real link between home and landscape. The environment can be fully used thanks to its verticality, exploited through a series of terraces; the separation systems makes it possible by means of hedges and glass walls that separate besides linking the different areas at the same time.

The garden extends the dialogue between architecture and environment that distinguishes the entire residential project. The large windows welcome the light and imperceptibly frame the landscape, transferring them inside.

The customization in doors and windows too

Nothing is left to chance and every single element is selected to fulfill the customers’ desire to live in a harmonious and functional home. The entrance door signed by Oikos Venezia - versatile and with high performances - follows this philosophy. The armored door Synua - large (up to 2.2 meters by 3 meters high) with pivot opening and flush to the wall - guarantees class 3 standard for burglary, 38 dB of sound insulation and a thermal insulation value equal to 1.6, rising to 1 on request. The project uses a 9-sector variant in glossy red glass with a horizontal steel handle. There is a particular pop of great prominence on the façade, covered with dark planks. Finally, the window is completed by the wainscoting Synua Wall System to get a spectacular visual continuity.


*photo credit: Eric Laignel