Schlüter-WorkBox: the innovative training centre in Iserlohn

The commitment in the field of professional training is one of the pillars holding up the philosophy of the German multinational corporation Schlüter-Systems. This consolidated interest has led the company to rethink and expand the historic structure in Iserlohn dedicated to education, which has become insufficient.  

It was thus inaugurated recently the so-called Schlüter-WorkBox, the new International Professional Training Centre.

Designed to meet specific energy-efficiency requirements, environmental sustainability and comfortable living, Schlüter-WorkBox is the result of a careful renovation and restoration work of the anonymous building dating back to the eighties.

The name "WorkBox", selected among many suggestions made from the Schlüter employees in Germany, is the synthesis of the two main concepts involved in the project: "Work" in order to give emphasis to the work being done both in theoretical and practical way by the participants, and "Box", to emphasize the original square shape of the building.

With a total floor area of 1,100 square meters, it has 5 classrooms equipped with latest technological devices (including movable walls to meet the need for one large room that can accommodate up to 500 people) and a wide workshop area, equipped to carry out the practical tests.

The ground floor, dedicated to hospitality, is characterized by a creative exposure, almost futuristic, of different systems: while a large “interactive video wall” entertains visitors, LED light accents give style and personality to the location and to the impressive staircase that leads upstairs. Lots of trapezoidal and orange details everywhere recall the corporate identity of the Group.


An eco-friendly building

The project involved the use of a multitude of eco-efficient elements, thanks to which the building has obtained the highest qualification - Platinum – from the German GNB, comparable to the international LEED standard. Going into detail, to a large "green wall", located in the lobby, was given the task of "bio-filtering the air". The plants, in fact, in addition to oxygenate the air, increase the level of humidity, dampen the noise and generate a positive effect on mood and health of the “inhabitants”.

The entire structure is covered with ceramic and the exterior facade was built with gray slabs 75x100cm by Iris FMG.

The entrance area is characterized by a large orange arch, architectural element that distinguishes all newly built facilities of the Group: from the headquarter of Montreal to the US subsidiary of Reno, from the new Spanish headquarter to the French and English ones.

Large slabs 1X3m by Laminam have been used both in the more traditional applications, such as floors and walls, and ceilings: a real "technical and stylistic hazard" made possible by an innovative installation system, signed Schlüter-Systems.

In line with the new trends, many pieces of furniture were made using low thickness Laminam slabs finished with the new profiles "tone on tone" Schlüter®-TRENDLINE. For the floor and furniture of the terrace, instead,  wood-effect tiles by Atlas Concorde were chosen.

Inside bathrooms, coloured light accents to highlight niches and mirrors (thanks to the installation of Schlüter®-LIPROTEC light profiles), combine themselves with modern washbasins with linear drain Schlüter®- KERDI-LINE-D (frameless tile support suitable for all covering thicknesses), all complemented by a ceiling installation of shaped panels Schlüter-BEKOTEC in white.