A spectacular bar counter made of stainless steel and Blue Agate at The Circle, Zurich

Opened in November 2020, The Circle is the largest commercial development project in Switzerland, a few steps from the Kloten airport. The Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto designed this majestic building complex covering an area of 180.000 square meters and including different offices, two hotels, a park, a convention center, shops, showrooms, spaces for events, a health center and a university hospital.
Presenting itself as a “micro-city” to travelers and visitors, the impressive semicircular structure is a perfect example of sustainability and energy efficient construction: The Circle obtained, in fact, the certification LEED® PLATINUM, the highest standard awarded by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Bar Iris stands inside the Hotel Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle, the first of the two exclusive accommodation facilities inaugurated in March 2021. It is elegant café with a sophisticated style, featuring the spectacular bar counter equipped with highly functional elements with a strong visual impact. Prisma, specialized in catering facilities for tourist hotels, corporate restaurants and cruise ships, has customized the bar.

Stainless Steel and Blue Agate are the materials that alternate to give shape to a “bright”, fascinating configuration, full of character: it creates atmosphere in the environment and make special the guests experience from an aesthetic point of view. The top and the covering of the bar counter consist of slabs - assembled by hand – made of Natural Agate geodes. It is a semi-precious stone that combines a variety of colors and intense shades: these are reflected in the space that is made even more extraordinary by the LED backlight of the desk.

Prisma bar counter was built to ensure the optimal organization of the various activities and the best result. The back of the counter is made up of elements on wheels, which are equipped with superstructures with glass shelves for storing bottles and glasses. It can be a practical and flexible solution to move the structures as needed. The bar counter is predominant in the space, transforming itself into a complement that personalizes and identifies the place, in harmony with its general spirit.